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For expert help with your Windows computer or network,
simply call
314-266-7262 toll-free right now,
and have your credit card ready!

Have a how-to question? Need advice on buying a computer or related equipment? We can help!

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What is live help?
When you call, you'll speak to a real live Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer who will help you diagnose and solve your computer problems right over the phone. If you have an internet connection, we can even use it to work on your computer while you sit back and watch!

How much does it cost?
  • For personal computers and networks:
    • Signature Services and other special offers are listed on our home page.  (click here to check)
    • Live help costs $44 per solution, or $22 per half-hour -- whichever is cheaper.  What is a "solution"?  We use a common-sense, very customer-friendly approach: A single "solution" may be more than one call -- for example, you may have to leave in the middle of a call, or an engineer may want to do some research and call you back.  Answers to two or more related problems/questions are usually considered one "solution".  The engineer will let you know if getting into a new problem or question would be a new "solution".  If we have no solution for your problem or question, there is no charge.
    • House-calls (available only in the St. Louis metro area) are $76/hour ($38/half-hour) with a 2-hour minimum.
  • For business software, networks, and servers:
    • Live help costs $48/hour, rounded down to the nearest 15-minute interval.  Give us your to-do list, and we'll be happy to send you a written estimate, or even a "flat fee" quote for well-defined projects.
    • On-site labor (available only in the St. Louis metro area) is $96/hour ($48/half-hour) with a 2-hour minimum.
  • We do not sell computers, hardware, or software; however our consultants will be happy to recommend and/or purchase these items for you (often at below-market prices), and add the expense to your bill.
  • Most quick questions and follow-up calls are free!

How long will it take?
That depends on how complicated your problem is and how fast your computer is, but most calls are less than 60 minutes. If the engineer believes your problem will take an especially long call to fix, he or she will tell you right away.

You fixed my problem, but now it's back! What can I do?
Just call back and let us know what happened. If our fix didn't hold up, we'll correct it for free.

You gave me instructions, but I forgot them, or lost my notes!
Good news! You can see your engineer's notes, including any instructions, on our web site! Just click here to visit the Customer Service section! If you have trouble getting what you need from the web site, just call Customer Service and they'll be happy to help. They can send instructions through email, and even postal mail, if necessary!

How safe is my credit card information?
Completely! We do not keep your credit card information. All payments are processed through PayPal®, the world-class financial arm of eBay, and your credit card information is sent directly to PayPal® over a secured connection.

What are your hours? Can I make an appointment?
Click here for our Hours of Operation.  Appointments (both during and after business hours) are welcome -- just call 314-266-7262 (ext.2) or email, and let us know what time works best for you.

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